Pandemic Bubbles

This evening I facilitated a mental health support group. We shared our stories, encouragement and resources for mental health support. I’m going to share a little bit of my story before I get back to my bubbles.

Back in 2000 I tried to start a printing company. All was going well until the finances became unmanageable. Something happened to my mind… serious anxiety hit and depression came over me like a thick, heavy cloud. I failed at the business venture and isolated. I entered the world of anti-depressants. My life totally changed. All the joy of the bubbles vanished.

My wife prayed and prayed for me along with my church family. 

Quite some time passed and my career went to human services at a homeless mission. It was so puzzling because all the craziness of my mental illness became an asset. The homeless men knew that I knew what it all felt like. I was bringing hope! 

The bubbles were on the back shelf until I realize I could experiment with the men. Incredible how they took to them, even becoming competitive on who could make the largest bubble.

Bubblopolis! came alive again. 

Years later I found myself back in the hospitals (3 to be exact). After some excellent treatment I was resurrected by God to entertain. I found a better bubble formula and I was back on stage. Then, the Pandemic took over and shows stopped. All my bubble friends were out of work (except for those who figured out how to create virtual shows). 

In August 2020, I had my comeback with Pandemic Bubbles at a camp in upstate New York. Nothing could stop the joy of mega bubbles!