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Jumping through a mega bubble donut!




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How to Purchase a Mega Bubble Wand!

Mega Bubble Man Productions offers a few options.

• 10" Mega Bubble Wand

• Large 15" Mega Bubble Wand

• Larger 24" Mega Bubble Wand!

• Mega Bubble Wand Kit

• Mega Bubble Formula Concentrate

You can choose the round hoop color you'd like and handle color.

We accept a Suggested Donation of $15.00 for the 10" Wand

$18.00 for the 15" Wand and $28.00 for the Large 24" Wand!

The Mega Bubble Wand Kit includes a 10" hoop and all the needed materials to assemble your own wand! You get to choose colors!! The Mega Bubble Wand Kit goes for a Suggested Donation of $12.00

You can donate less or more. If you donate more, the extra amount will go towards another person's purchase at a lower amount. For instance, a child who used a Mega Bubble Wand at A Birthday in Bubblopolis show or the Mega Bubble Playground, can purchase a wand at a lower donation based on their allowance. Your higher donation pays it forward to bless a family member who enjoyed making awesome bubbles!

Purchases are made through email. It's easy and there's no tax!

You can earn a custom made mega bubble wand by submitting your stories or poems to the Mega Bubble Book Library! Click here to find out how.

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Suggested Donation

Mega Bubble Wand Kit

Hoop and T-Joint holes are already pre-drilled

Strip Ties fasten the Hoop and T-Joint


Suggested Donation

Handle is already glued to the T-Joint

You pick the color fabric for the Hoop and the Handle

Great for Home or School Projects



Ask for Special Grip Handle

A Mega Bubble Wand is custom made by Mega Bubble Man Productions in the USA! The hoop is 10" in diameter so it can fit into a 4-5 gallon bucket of bubble solution easily! 

The hoop fabric is a flexible colored material of any color Mega Bubble Man chooses. Be surprized!

The handle is a sturdy piping decorated with either colored tape or colored bandage material for a sure grip.

A Mega Bubble Wand like this is used by Mega Bubble Man in his own bubble shows and the Mega Bubble Playground by kiddos to adults! You will receive a brand new custom made wand in the mail in about 4 weeks or less. Feel free to email for status update at

A Mega Bubble Wand is guaranteed for 10 years! Just email Mega Bubble Man at and let him know what happened to your wand if it breaks. Our Guarantee is fuflilled when a wand is used properly and not forced into a difficult scenario where plastic breaks. Mega Bubble Man has used some of his same wands for 20-30 years! If your hoop fabric unravels, contact Mega Bubble Man Productions for either a new wand or for a replacement fabric. Shipping your broken Mega Bubble Wand back to Mega Bubble Man Productions is required at your most inexpensive cost. Ship it to Mega Bubble Man Productions, 106 Parkway Drive, North Syracuse, New York 13212.

There is no tax, just shipping and handling charged depending on shipping location.

We accept Stripe, Venmo, Zelle, GabPay (in the future) or check.

Sample Wands

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