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First Presbyterian Church

Randallsville Baptist Church

Herkimer Pentecostal Church

WVVC Anniversary with Lenny LeBlanc

Rome Captial Theater (Easter Show)

Kingdom Bound

New LIfe Church Syracuse NY

First United Methodist Church Vernon Center NY

Living Hope Assembly of God Camden NY

Calvary Temple Oneida, NY

Great Escape Glory

Norwich Corners Church

Rome Christian Center

Rome Weslyan Church Sunday School Celebration

Resurrection Life Church Rome Honor America Days

Camp Lookout West Eaton

Great Escape Glory

Lake Delta Bible Conference Center Revive! & Camp Shiloh

Living Hope Assembly of God Camden NY

Blessed Sacrament Gospel Christmas Party

Mount Zion Children's Church

Calvary Temple Oneida NY

Blessed Sacrament Gospel Christmas Party

Mount Zion Children's Church

Camp Lookout West Eaton

Pastor Brent Culver was the leader who allowed my wife and I to pioneer the children's ministry in 1994. He is our current pastor.

Luke 18:16

But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

Kingdom Bound

Trained up teen to minister alongside Mega Bubble Man

Local Church

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The "bubble clear" gospel of Jesus Christ is portrayed in such a way that children and adults have responded favorably to receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives. The joyous and creative interaction with the audience breaks many barriers. In fact, God has enabled this presentation to transcend denominations! It seems that God has graced people of all ages and backgrounds with the ability to embrace bubbles and then hear about their Creator.

This presentation brings us full circle from Genesis to the New Testament. Here we have the citiizens of Bubblopolis who have lost their "Bubble Ears" to hear from God. The Mega Miracle Man (JESUS) is sent in to restore their ears and forgive the sin that took them away. Created originally for Kingdom Bound at Darian Lake in NY. A prophetic anointing sometimes accompanies this ministry.

An introduction to the wonderful Holy Spirit to children. Set in Bethlemen. Bubblop characters "teach" bible principles regarding the Gifts of the Holy Spirit according to 1 Corinthians 12,13 & 14.

All presentations are approximately 45 minutes or more depending on ministry. Participation and Joy are our trademarks so the children's attention is kept for the entire time as they and their parents participate on stage for many interactive lessons with creative and colorful mega bubbles!

Mega Bubble Presentations

Let me introduce to you Mega Bubble Man Productions. We would be grateful if you would bring our Bubble Ministry to the attention of your organizational meeting. If you've been praying for a way to reach your community, a way to expand your Sunday School attendance or a VBS Program ... Mega Bubble Man could be it!

Jim Livi, Mega Bubble Man, easily captivates children with the fascination of his colorful lifesize bubbles. Children are acqainted with the amazing world of "Bubblopolis!" where "Bubblop Citizens" teach biblical principles in an entertaining and exciting format. It's like a soap bubble puppet show, but better! Even teenagers get caught up in the fun. Mega Bubble Man has ministered across denominations reaching entire familes.

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Simple training for children to share their faith in Jesus with their friends!

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