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My Hairy Day

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More Great Stories coming!

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Detecto Kato, and The Case of the Missing Paper in Pineewacki

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Featured Story by Rowan,

"The Cat Named Meowington"

One time, on a very beautiful day, a woman was out for a walk. She heard cars honking and a cat meowing. The woman went to the top of the traffic jam and found a cute and lonely kitty. The kitty was a gold color. The woman had to grab the cat. The woman took the cat home and named it Meowington. She gave Meowington a bed, water, and food. She thought her daughter would be so happy that there was a cat in the house. She was right! The woman put the cat's things in her daughters bedroom. Her daughter was only 9, but she loved the cat. She loved the cat sooooooooo much! That was with 9 O's! The daughters name is Lou. Lou takes Meowington for walks, feeds him, and fills his water bowl. Lou and Meowington became the best of friends.

June 2023

Congratulations to Rowan for writing a wonderful story!