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May God give you great joy today!

Is Seeing is believing the real reality?

John 13: 1

Now before the Feast of the Passover, Jesus knowing that His hour had come that He would depart out of this world to the Father, having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end.

This verse is describing a time in Jesus' life where it was coming to an end. He was about to fulfull a key paradigm shift in the entire universe for all mankind!

The Feast of the Passover is a Jewish event that helped them remember their deliverance from the Egytians many years ago. But this celebration with Jesus and His disciples took on the greatest significance. Why?

Years past, Moses told the Hebrew slaves of Egypt to sacrifice a lamb and use a portion of its blood to cover their doorpost entrance of their homes. Sounds odd? Well this event was during a time of Moses asking Pharoah, the leader of Egypt, to let the Hebrews go. Pharoah was denying his request, so God was sending them plagues to change the Pharoah's mind. Another... sounds off?

The last plague was the death of every first born, child and animal in Egypt. That meant... get this... even the Hebrew families could lose their birth born. But God gave them a way to avoid this tradegy. Thus the blood of a lamb.

When the Angel of Death came to every home and every barn, if it had the lamb's blood on its entrance, it would PASS by it, leaving them safe. Pharoah lost his birn born son that night and was convinced to let the people go.

Ever since then, Jews have celebrated the Feast of Passover to remember this amazing and most dramatic night!

Jesus and His disciples were doing the same, celebrating the Passover. However, Jesus describes His ultimate sacrifice in the Bible Gospels that He is now the Sacrificial Lamb! What?

Jesus has become the fulfillment of taking a punishment for our sinful life.

The Hebrews followed their scriptures that proclaimed sin could be atoned for by a sacrifice. The shedding of blood is what God the Father looks for. He doesn't look for our blood... NO. He looked for a lamb's blood and ultimately His Son's blood. What? again.

God decided to ask Jesus to sacrifice His blood, His life, for the sins of the people. But not just the Jews, but the entire human race this time. This is big, because that meant non Jews could know their sinful life could be forgiven as well. Non Jews are called Gentiles. I'm a Gentile believer in Jesus and know that through Him I'm forgiven and have been grafted into His family. I have been SAVED from the punishment of my sins.

What is the punishment of sins, you ask? A wage, or the result of sin, is a death experience. The Bible tells us that spiritual death occurs in the place it calls hell. Hell is described as an everlasting place of separation from God and torment by demons. Demons live there and hate people. There is fire and gnashing of teeth 24/7.

Jesus didn't want anyone to end up in hell, so He and His Father and the Holy Spirit devised the fulfillment of the Feast of Passover through Jesus Himself. Jesus became the Sacrificial Lamb by giving up His life for every sinner. His sacrifice, if accepted by any individual, would translate them from a life of evil and wicked thought to a life of love and light.

"...Jesus knowing that His hour had come that He would depart out of this world to the Father, having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end."

Jesus had this supernatural KNOWING and believing that He was to be this sacrificial lamb for all people. His love for people is beyond any person's attempt to love. He created us and knew, with the gift of free will, that we could not want to know Him as Creator, as God, as the Son of God. With that freedom we could go our own way and not follow His statutes. When this occurs, this event is called sin and has consequences.

The painful consequence of sin is separation from God. You live in a darkness and depravity of heart... a hardness of heart. Many people do live this way and don't want God in their life. Many people live this way and try to undo the depravity by engaging in all kinds of things. From sex, to drugs, to climbing over people for the sake of money, to many forms of wicked behavior the world has to offer. Most people know, after some time, that their behavior is wrong. In the depths of their heart/conscience they truly know they are dirty and not living a life of purpose.

Where is God in all of this? He is all around you. He is speaking to everyone through His creation, through people, your coworkers who are christians, through a church, through christian radio, movies and much more. He is very personal and wants you to reach out to Him. Jesus became the Passover Lamb for your sins!

As you are reading this, you probably have a KNOWING in your heart that it is true for you. You've been searching for something that will PASS you from your current life to another life that is totally different. One that brings you freedom and joy. One that brings an inner peace that the world doesn't offer.

Satan, the angel that fell from heaven, took many angels with him. Those fallen angels are called demons in the Bible. Their mission is to distract you from God and His plan for your life. Their hatred for you is off the scale. They hate God and will deceive you to try many alternatives to God so you don't ultimately chose Jesus as your Savior and Lord.

If you're understanding this true reality, the unseen reality, and now have a KNOWING, that you are a sinner and demons have been stealing life from you, then you can take the next step. This understanding is a gift from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They have brought you to this page, in this very moment, so you can take advantage of a life changing event. Your sins can be forgiven... YES, your sins. God knows them already and is completely willing to forgive you. Jesus is going to be your Passover Lamb if you ask Him to be.

He's knocking on your heart right now. So simply tell Him what's going on in your life. He'll hear you. You have a gift of faith. Every person does. God put it there. Even though you don't see Jesus right in front of you, He is there with you. You're hearing Him speak to your heart at this moment. Say yes to Him. Give Him control of your life. Allow Him to change your soul and all the sorrows into joy. His miracle power and sacrifice has made this possible. Don't allow the demons to harden your heart by lying to you that this is nonsense. The Bible is true and Satan is the father of lies.

Simply tell Jesus you're sorry for your sinful life. He'll understand. As you're doing this tears may swell up. That's because tears are a manifestation of His cleansing blood that is so powerful. The tears tell you you are really meeting with God right now. He'll replace those tears with tears of joy and a peace will come. This peace is amazing!!

You may feel a huge weight lift off of you. That's the sinful power and wages of sin being removed from your soul. Your whole body might feel the change. Yes... this is amazing.

"...Jesus knowing that His hour had come that He would depart out of this world to the Father, having loved His own who were in the world, He loved them to the end."

Jesus' time with you at this moment is life changing. John, an Apostle of Jesus, recorded that He loves you and continues to love you.

Jesus and the Holy Spirit will take you on a very significant journey now. Your soul can experience peace at every level, but it's layer by layer. If you talked to Jesus by faith, asked for His forgiveness and

called on Him to save you, then They will never leave you! They make it possible for you to learn all about them, and how your life will now change so you can please Them with your entire being!!

The reading of the Bible is very key in this new paradigm shift. It has tons and tons of lessons and stories that the Holy Spirit will give you understanding for. God will ask you to spend time with Him. He wants you to know His love for you. And His love will continue to cleanse you daily. This won't stop ... ever!

Another gift He has for you is the KNOWING that you are now a child of God and that you have a place in heaven waiting for you. This gift of salvation is eternally rewarding. So GOOD!

Another key in your journey is to meet regularly with other people who have done the same thing you did today. When you cooperate with Jesus, He'll expect you to follow Him. He has many others doing the same. They are all on their learning curve, doing well and also making mistakes. But all are totally loved by Him. He corrects each of us when we go astray again... this does happen because the demons haven't given up on you. Distractions will be their plan and strategies are formed to push you away from your Savior. The Bible teaches us how to fight them with the knowledge that you now have more power than they do!!!

Greater is He [Jesus] who is in you, than he [satan and his demons] who are in the world.

Ask God to lead you to a church where christians will understand your ups and downs and will be accepting. They will come alongside you to see you grow in your faith and understanding of God. Discuss your journey with them. Ask God to give you friends. He will also, at some point, tell you who not to hang out with now... those who still follow their sinful life and want to distract you from your new life. They do this only because their "eyes" haven't been opened yet. They truly will not understand what you did and why you chose Jesus. The spirit is not discernable by the world... by a person's own understanding, unless the Holy Spirit gives it to them. The Holy Spirit partners with Jesus and our Father to grant you repentance and an amazing new life in Jesus!

It is so amazing, seeing becomes believing for others since they see the change in your life. You should tell others about these changes and your love for Jesus because God wants you to. He will ask for you to spend time with Him every day and many moments in your day because He has many ideas, thoughts, emotions, ways to obey Him all stored up. There are miracles waiting to be prayed for that will astound you!

Keep learning how to KNOW Jesus, just as Jesus knew His Father's will and purpose for Him. He knew it so well that He knew He'd have the grace and strength to give up His own life. The recording of His sacrifice on a cross is a tough reading and it's hard to realize what He really went through. Just know, He'll help you perceive His sacrifice in the way He wants to. The main part, your part, is to now trust Him, talk to Him all the time and find out what He has for you. If you get discouraged, and you might, then ask God to encourage you. He may send a christian friend to you or tell you to go to someone who will have just what you need. The Holy Spirit is called The Comforter and Teacher, the One who reveals Jesus and the Father to us! Way to go Holy Spirit!!!!

Find a Bible and read. A nearby church may give you one. A christian friend might. Just get into the Word of God and gobble it up. Right out the verses and ponder them. Meditate on them, memorize them so you can ponder at any moment. Just like your body hungers for food, now your spirit and soul are hungering for God's food. This hunger should never leave you. If it does, talk to God about that.

Ask God how He wants you to pray [asking for what is on your heart and His heart]. Ask God how you can now worship Him instead of the worldly stuff you bought. Ask God how to be delivered of traumas in your life. Ask God how to be healed of any physical ailment. Ask God to renew your mind so you can think like Jesus. The more you do this, the more inner joy and peace will be experienced, no matter what circumstance you're facing. Ask God for contentment... a true gift! Ask God for His grace to give up or get rid of worldly objects, worldly goals, and anything getting in the way of your relationship with Him. It's all so worth giving up because in place of that stuff is more of HIM!!!

Go now on your new journey!!