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"We want to explore some of the fascinating ways quantum physics correlates with our walk in the Spirit in general, and our visions and dream work specifically.

The Observer Effect is universally understood to be the most mysterious yet foundational principle in the entire field of quantum physics. It basically states that by observing something, we affect it; just our act of looking at something changes it.

For example, in the physicists’ laboratories they have discovered that an electron exists as wave of energy until it is observed. Once observed, it collapses into a particle of matter. Observing changes the wave of invisible potential into a particle of visible reality. The act of observing collapses all possibilities distributed along the wave and it’s now manifested and locked into a specific place and time as a single electron or photon (the stuff that makes up matter and light).

This phenomenon is called “Wave Function Collapse.” For our purposes, we can define “collapse” to mean that we are bringing what is unseen into the seen realm, making what is invisible visible, and moving what exists in the supernatural world into our natural world. We are releasing spiritual blessings into our physical atmosphere, collapsing the glory and bringing heaven to earth.

World of Faith

The quantum realm is a world of potential, where any possible outcome is available at every moment in time. That’s actually what the physicists tell us, that is how they define the quantum dimension.

Well, that sounds familiar to us! That’s the world of faith, where all things are possible to them that believe (Mk. 9:23)"  [Supernatural Science 1]

Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

Various text from The Discovery Bible program

1. Supernatural Science by  Charity Kayembe

Quantom Spirituality?