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Stories for Children by Mega Bubble Man & Other Authors

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Hello Boy and Girls!

This is the Mega Bubble Man. Today’s story is The Secret.

“Please tell me the secret,” Don begged Gary during recess.

“”What makes them jump?

Gary was holding several Mexican jumping beans in his hand.

At first they were still, then one moved.

“It’s my secret, “ Gary said. “I’m not telling anyone.”

“Ma,” said Don, when he got home.

“Gary had some Mexican jumping beans at school but he wouldn’t tell me what makes them move. And he says its a secret.”

Mom said, “It’s not a secret. Mexican jumping beans are a three cell bean pod that house moths. The jumping is caused by the moth larvae moving inside.”

“That was driving me crazy all day,” said Don. “But it shouldn’t have been a secret at all, I wish I had a secret to keep from him. Then he’d know how it feels.”

Hi Boys and Girls.

This is the Mega Bubble Man.

Today’s story is “Who’s Address?” Or Who Address?

“Dad, Michael said something today that didn’t make any sense.”

Dad was holding a newspaper in front of him and slapped it down on his lap.

“What are you talking about Sean?”

“Dad, Michael said that God lives at their house. What does that mean?” He said as he stared at his dad.

“Well, that’s a good question. First of all, I’m not really sure what Michael meant. It does sound kinda strange. I can’t say that I’ve heard my friends ever telling me that. Why would your friend tell you such a thing?” Dad said, now staring at Sean with great curiosity.

Hmmm. Now Sean was on the spot. He thought he could just get a simple answer from his dad...

Who's Address?

Hi Boys and Girls!

This is the Mega Bubble Man.

Today’s story is “My Hairy Day.”

Howard looked in the mirror and saw a funny hair hanging out, on the left side. Ugh! “How many times do I have to move that piece of hair?”

“Mom! Can you give me a haircut?” Howard shouted from the bathroom.

“I can’t hear you!” mom replied, trying not to get mad at him.

“Come into the kitchen, where I can hear you.”

Howard (Albert) threw a brush into the sink and slammed the bathroom door. Bamm!

“Mom, I need a haircut,” he said with frustration covering his face.

“You just had a haircut only a week ago. What’s your problem?”

“Mom, don’t you see?” He pointed to a spot on his head...


Hi Boys and Girls!

This is the Mega Bubble Man

Today’s story is called, "Running For President?"

Alex was crying out in the hallway. "I’m gunna get you."

He was mad at Carmen for telling the others students about his plan

To run for the student class president.

Carmen let the news out, even before Alex figured out he was going to run his campaign.

This was frustrating.

Carmen was such a good of him. Why did he talk to the other kids?

When Alex entered the cafetorium, he started to over hear a group of students

In the corner by the soda machine.

They were excited about some news.

Oh no. Have they heard, already heard?

Alex thought to himself.

His face cringed. As he listened even more closely...

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More Great Stories coming!

More Great Stories coming!

Hey Kids... Mega Bubble Man loves to read and write stories. You can read and write too!

Write A short story or two poems and send them to Mega Bubble Man in Bubblopolis. They will be published in the Bubblopolis Library and he will send you a free Mega Bubble Wand!

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I found JoJo's Science Show on YouTube today! Take a look at his amazing bubbles!!     The Science of Giant Bubbles | Make Giant Bubbles| Episode #36 JoJo's Science Show

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For A Bible Journey

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Welcome to the Bubblopolis Bubble Book Library

Welcome to the Bubblopolis Bubble Book Library

Welcome to the Bubblopolis Bubble Book Library

Detecko Kato Book Series

Announcing the brand new detective series from author James. D. Livi, aka Mega Bubble Man!

Detecto Kato, and The Case of the Missing Paper in Pineewacki

Detecto Kato,  and The Case of the Missing Paper in Pineewacki. 

This is a children's detective story in a series of detective stories. Pineewacki has lost its town newspaper. Detecto Kato has been called in the solve the problem. 

Detecto Kato is a feline detective. Kato is female cat with whiskers, some of which can extend to long lengths inside tunnels and caverns. She is calico in colors with distinctive giraffe like patches of orange near her neck. Only her tail is striped. She is very methodical, logical and sometimes goofy as a detective. She loves working with her sleuth assistants. Kato specializes in mysteries, like missing people or objects of great value. Sometimes she works on her own while other times she calls in her team.

Beth is a South American Coypu rodent assistant to Detecto Kato who speaks spanish. She has coarse darkish brown fur. She has a white patch on her muzzle, webbed hind feet and large bright orange-yellow incisors. She is sometimes mistaken for a muskrat. She has a round tail to help her swim.

Featured Story by Bella D.

Blake Builds Bubbles

Blake blows bubbles with his small bubble wand. He blows dozens of sudsy spheres. He giggles and plays. “Pop, pop, pop” the bubbles pop after a minute or two. “I want big bubbles that last a long time” he thinks to himself. He wonders what to do. “I’ll make my own bubble machine that makes the best, biggest bubbles in the whole entire world”! He starts making his plan.

He runs into his basement and gathers his tools. He grabs a screwdriver and some screws, a hammer and nails, and a wrench and a level. “This is going to be the best bubble machine” he exclaims. He grabs a piece of paper and starts to draw out his blueprints. He sketches a long rectangle with many gadgets and systems attached to it. He labels his machine “The Bubble Blaster Master”.

Bella is a child author who shared her story with Mega Bubble Man