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I found JoJo's Science Show on YouTube today! Take a look at his amazing bubbles!!     The Science of Giant Bubbles | Make Giant Bubbles| Episode #36 JoJo's Science Show


What's in Heaven?

Yes, to both questions. Since I saw art galleries there, I am certain they would have easels to paint on. Also, there are representations of all animal life that God originally created. So, dinosaurs including the T-Rex, can be seen in the park area of Heaven, they are so tame that you can actually ride on them!

God made the night on earth, so our physical body could be refreshed through sleep. In Heaven, we never need sleep, because our spiritual body doesnt get tired, so there is nao need for night time. The Glory of God lights Heaven so there is no sun or moon but many times the sky changes with amazing shades of color not on this earth.

That is one thing that will bless everyone to know, we will all be able to sing. Even if you couldnt carry a note when you were on earth, in Heaven, you will sound glorious. Everyone worships God with their voice in Heaven.

Yes, Heaven is always adding new things for us to do. Also, people are always going to Heaven, so mansions are continually being added. Eventually God will make a new earth and we will live there with God for eternity!

Yes, there is a crystal sea which comes from the river of life that flows out of Gods throne. Also, the Bible states that there are fish of all kinds in the water and the crystal sea is big enough to hold huge sailing ships.

I am delighted you asked! Yes, there is a fantastic amusement park, which I mention in the book. In that place, there is a huge roller coaster called The Rush. There are some normal rides, but there are also supernatural rides that will blow you away. One of the amusements is to learn to fly like Superman!

Yes, some really close knit families will live in areas I call community dwellings and the best way to describe what I saw was picturing a huge wagon wheel with many spokes and a center cap lying flat but no rim. The spokes would be the individual custom mansions for each family member and the cap in the center would represent the big common area to gather in. They also take turns staying in each others mansions. No matter where we live in Heaven, it will be wonderful!


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