May God give you great joy today!

Mega Bubble Man has been making his own bubble wands since 1992. It all started after he saw a bubble show in Utica, NY and was inspired from above to become a bubbleman!

Jim Livi, aka Mega Bubble Man, has been using quality materials from hardware stores and fabric stores to produce each wand.

His wands come in various sizes from the Mayor of Bubblopolis, Mr Roy G Biv, who is about 6" in diameter to Frederick Von Fruggle, the Mega Bubble, who is about 32" in diameter. Big Boy Bartholomew is a bit smaller around 25". There is also another wand called "Stretch!" whose diameter is around 20" but has a very long neck of up to 15'.

Other citizens from Bubblopolis are Lil Sister Bubble, Big Brother Bubble, and Baker Bob Bubble. They are around 10' in diameter.

Wands start with an 18" handle made of cpvc piping joined by a t-shape of the same material. The t-joint holds the "hoop" and handle together.

The "hoop" part is a long piece of flex piping that is bent into a circle and attaches to the handle. Now the hoop is decorated with a kind of cotton lace fabric or various other materials, like a colorful ace bandage or even flannel material. The material is stretched around the pipe and then sewed as needed.

Some of the children above, that came to the Mega Bubble Playground Event at the Fulton NY Public Library Event received a free custom made mega bubble wand from Mega Bubble Man through a bubble raffle!

Jumping through a mega bubble donut!

Students at an elementary school drew pictures of Bubblopolis and Mega Bubble Man chose drawing from these student. They all received a free mega bubble wand!

This young fella was at a Mega Bubble Playground event for Families First. He won a raffle drawing for a mega bubble wand!

The teachers above run a Jewish Camp in NYS. Mega Bubble Man Productions gave away four wands, a bucket of bubbles and a bubble pool!

The above picture is of a 12 year old birthday party done outside. Very unusal and special. The all girl party had a ton of fun as they "pulled" bubbles from a 50 gallon bubble pool simultaneously!

Remember, you can make bubble with your hands too! This young gal made her's look so beautiful!

Mega Bubble Man met this young happy lady at a birthday party. She was so helpful that Mr Livi decided to give her a bubble wand! Our "meeting" ended up connecting him to another awesome bubbleman in Oswego, NY named Tom Altman.

Teachers and students alike love stretching Mega Bubbles! This bubble wand is named Big Brother Bubble. Here, he is being used to stretch a bubble from one teacher to another and give her a "bubble head!"

Earlier in the presentation, the students were stretching bubbles the longest they could! The winner picked their teacher to come up on stage!

Big Boy Bartholomew Bubble making a bubble letter "R" for a Cub Scout Show. "R" stands for Respect and Reverance in the Cub Scout Law and Oath.




Send a message to Mega Bubble Man and ask questions about his tallest bubble... about how Bubblopolis got started... or anything else!


How to Make a Mega Bubble Wand!

The wand's handle is also decorated with colored tapes. All this is then joined by ties and a bottom cap at the base of the wand handle.

Mega Bubble Man's wands have lasted over 20 years! Many times he gives them away to children, parents or teachers so the bubble making fun can continue on and on. A Bubble Buck has a bubble formula mix for one gallon of solution. Some Bubble Bucks have to "secret" ingredients Mr Livi uses in his bubble shows. Other Bucks just have a simple formula.

See some of the photos below of children who have received a free Mega Bubble Wand at public library, school assembly, birthday parties, town events and more! Mega Bubble Man loves passing on the joy of bubble making.

If you're really serious about bubble making, then go to this site where bubble people/artists go to from all over the world!