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Mega Bubble Formula!

Note: Some bubble people use Glycerin or Baking Powder and other ingredients in their formulas. They constantly try out new ones to improve on their bubblemaking.

Note: After bubble-making, your solution will start to deteriorate. You can add water or more soap to improve it. When that fails, make a new batch!

Depending on the kind of water you use [hard water, sulfury] the amount of each ingredient can change too. Have fun and experiment. The Mega Bubble Man tests each solution by dipping Mayor ROY G BIV into the bubble bucket and sees how many bubbles he can make with one dip. One time he made 100 bubbles on 1 dip!

Thank you for coming to Bubblopolis!  Perhaps you saw the Mega Bubble Man perform today or you participated in the Mega Bubble Arena and you want to make big bubbles too. That's awesome. The mega bubble formula is different than a little bubble formula. So be prepared to make the big guys!!

This formula is for one gallon of bubble juice

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3/4 cup of Ultra Dawn

version is best


15 1/2 cups of tap water

or distilled water


1 tbsp or 5 grams (5 ml)

Guar Gum


3/4 tsp Baking Soda

To learn more of the science behind bubbles and to use the string method of bubble making... click here.


3/4 tsp Citric Acid Powder

Now for the recipe instructions!

Ask your mom or dad for help.  Start with a 1 Gallon container that has an open top, like a pitcher with a top that comes off.

Pour in 15 1/2 cups of lukewarm water. I put both the hot and cold taps on full force simultaneously.

Measure 1 tbsp or 5 grams of Guar Gum into a container.

Add to that 1/4 tbsp of Baking Soda

Add 3/4 cup of Ultra Dawn. This will become your Gooey Mix that looks pale blue in color. Makes sure everything is mixed well with no powder showing. Put it aside for the next step.

Add 3/4 tsp of Citric Acid Powder into the water and stir. This will change the pH into a standard that will receive the Gooey Mix well.

Repeat five times if you want a full 5 gallon container filled up! This is what the Mega Bubble Man does a day before his performances.

Caution! Do not drink this mixture. If you do, you may get a sick stomach. Drink lots of water to help.

New and Improved Mega Bubble Formula!

Now stir the Gooey Mix into the water slowly. Try not to make too many suds.  If the Gooey Mix does not mix well, "grab" it in your hands and squeeze it into little "pieces" and stir more. It's kinda fun!!

Let it sit for a few hours... until the next day. Oooh, can you be patient enough LOL!?

Of course you can try it right away too.

I test the solution by blowing multiple bubbles with one hand!