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May God give you great joy today!

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My Hairy Day

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Hey Kids... Mega Bubble Man loves to read and write stories. You can read and write too!

If you write a short story or a poem and send them to Mega Bubble Man in Bubblopolis he will send you a free Mega Bubble Wand and put your story in the bubblopolis bubble library!

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A New Story from James D. Livi, the Mega Bubble Man!

A New Story from James D. Livi, the Mega Bubble Man!

Stories for Children by Mega Bubble Man & Child Other Authors

From the detective series of Detecto Kato

Detecto Kato, and The Case of the Missing Paper in Pineewacki 

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Story submitted by Bella D.

Blake Builds Bubbles

Featured Story by Madison,

"Inside A Bubble!"

Featured Story by Rowan,

"The Cat Named Meowington"

Stories by Jim Livi, aka Mega Bubble Man!

Featured Story by Grace D.

"The Day the Robot Came"

Featured Poems by Mason B.

"Nelson is a Gecko" & "My Aunt"