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"Welcome to Bubblopolis!" is the premier show of Mega Bubble Man Productions.  Jim entertains and educates children ages 1 to 12. However, teens and adults love the bodacious bubbles too!

Jim brings his mega bubbles to Schools, Libraries, Businesses, Hospitals, Synagogues, Churches, Town Events, Large Stage Events, Colleges and families everywhere! Jim specializes in entertaining children with disabilities. There's more than enough mega bubbles to go around! Contact Mega Bubble Man Productions for theater shows year round.

Mega Bubble Man Productions also has stories children and parenting resources.

May God give you great joy today!

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Jim is a World Record Holder for an Outdoor 30 foot tall bubble

Watch Mega Bubble Man stretch a very long bubble up to the sky by clicking here.

Jim Livi is the Mega Bubble Man. Mega Bubble Man Productions is located in North Syracuse, New York

Home of the Salt Road.

Matthew 5:13

Learn how the Mega Bubble Man makes his bubble wands!


The Chosen TV Series

mega bubble man bubblopolis bubble book library
mega bubble man


mega bubble man
mega bubble man
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Learn How to Send your story to the Bubblopolis Bubble Book Library and "win" a mega bubble wand!



Welcome to the Bubblopolis Bubble Book Library


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[circa 1994]


Mega Bubble Man




Mega Bubble Shows for Children, Families & Adults

"Welcome To Bubblopolis!"

Mega Bubble Man Productions will be donating tickets to one family for The Chosen episode in the theater in either 2023 or 2024. Click here if you would like to be "chosen" to receive free tickets!

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