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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bubblopolis and Mega Bubble Man Productions


Jim Livi, owner and founder of Mega Bubble Man Productions, has been a bubble artist since 1994 when it all started viewing his first bubble show performed in Utica, NY. Jim was inspired to research bubblology from that day and began his own performance, "Welcome to Bubblopolis!" at the Children’s Museum in Utica NY for the 'Music for Munchskins' slot. Hah! It was a hit and bubble shows galore happened all over Utica, NY and neighboring towns and then along the East Coast and into Canada! It’s been an amazing time for Jim and Deb Livi bringing mega bubbles to children and their families. Mega Bubble Man Productions offers presentations for town events, special occasions, school assemblies [science and reading motivational programs], birthday parties, a gospel show and even just on his front lawn! Jim and Deb are looking to travel overseas at some point and bring bubbles to kiddos who’ve never seen a bubble!