Mega Bubble Playground

Want everyone to have a blast making big bubbles, this is it!  A Major Mega Bubble set up of Mega Bubble Pools with custom made Mega Bubble Wands. Anyone in the family can STRETCH Mega Bubbles 10 to 25 feet! or even MORE!


Bridgewater Church outdoor Bubble Fun!

Mega Bubble Man trains kids to make bubbles with their hands... adults too!

After watching Mega Bubble Man, young boy tries out his new bubble skills!

Mega Bubble Playground in family backyard!

Mega Bubble Man Productions at Make a Wish in the OCC Arena!

Mega Bubble Relay Race for a party!

Teenagers making mega bubbles at a town event!

Block party fun in Rochester, NY!

After show spontaneous mega bubble fun in Downtown Syracuse, NY

Mega Bubble Man Productions hired for ESF College Students Fun Day!

Spontaneous mega bubble fun with kids on Onondage Lake in Syracuse, NY

Mega Bubble Birthday Party in backyard!

Mega Bubble Man at the Camillus, NY Parade stretching the mega bubble joy!

Karen, a customer of Mega Bubble Man, shows her bubble prowise!

High School Students in the Mega Bubble Playground!

Mega Bubble Man with toddlers for Catholic Charities event!

High School Students in the Mega Bubble Playground!

Jim Livi, Mega Bubble Man,

stretching a long one at

Elim Bible Institute's College Hall

Young gal showing off her new bubble skills at the bowling alley in Utica, NY!

Family Birthday Party in their garage!

Same garage with another huge bubble!

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Mega Bubble Man has set up the Bubble Playground for many different types of events. For Schools, the Mega Bubble Playground is mixed with school assembly programs the same day. Other schools have asked for an indoor bubble playground where Jim meets with individual classes in the gymnasium to explore bubble science, bubble making and more. A bubble playground is also perfect for company events and parties.

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Bubbles of all sizes are created to float throughout your event. Watch a thirty foot bubble stretch into the sky!!!

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Frankfort-Schuyler Elementary School

Mega Bubble Man performs bubble demonstrations with individual groups from PreSchool to Elementary students. Children learn to describe what a bubble feels like in their                                            hands and how they can manipulate it to                                              their pure delight! Teachers see how they                                                         react and learn to be creative with their                                                             friends even sharing their bubble creations.                                                        Mega Bubble Man pays close attention to                                                          each student¬†helping develop more motor                                                    skills tons of joy! Great memories are made!                                                With the older students Mega Bubble Man                                                           sets them lose to stretch 15 footers every                                                    where! See below...