Jim Livi, is the Mega Bubble Man. Mega Bubble Man Productions is located in North Syracuse, New York,  home of the Salt Road



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Jim Livi is the Mega Bubble Man.

"Welcome to Bubblopolis!" is the premier show of Mega Bubble Man Productions.  Jim entertains and educates children ages 1 to 12 for parties, school assemblies, daycares, town events and churches. Look for our School Programs on Science and Reading.

Mega Bubble Man Productions has written stories for children that they can listen to read by Mega Bubble Man himself!

A church presentation called "Bubbles From Heaven!" presents the wonders of God's love for every child and parent.




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Jim Livi is a World Record Holder


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Watch Mega Bubble Man stretch a very long bubble up to the sky!

Katy M. • November 1, 2021


Mega Bubble Man was amazing with kids of all ages & families. He did a great job of engaging everyone & making a fun experience all around. Everyone loved him! Bubbles were definitely a highlight at our event.

Rachel • September 9, 2021


Our special needs kids absolutely loved Jim's interactive show! He gave each child attention and kept them highly engaged throughout the show! Even the adults were fascinated! Jim and his wife are very passionate about what they do and we can't wait to have them back in our summer camp next year! Thank you!



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Emily Greene • April 2022

The Mega Bubble Man performance was the perfect entertainment for my daughter's second birthday. There was a wide range of ages at the party and all of them were mesmerized by the show for a full 45 minutes, they didn't want it to end! 

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