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Katy M. • November 1, 2021


Mega Bubble Man was amazing with kids of all ages & families. He did a great job of engaging everyone & making a fun experience all around. Everyone loved him! Bubbles were definitely a highlight at our event.

Rachel • September 9, 2021


Our special needs kids absolutely loved Jim's interactive show! He gave each child attention and kept them highly engaged throughout the show! Even the adults were fascinated! Jim and his wife are very passionate about what they do and we can't wait to have them back in our summer camp next year! Thank you!

We would hope that anybody would recommend the show at your school. We had the assembly first and we got to do a bubble relay race in the gymnasium.  After that we went outside to emulate what the Mega Bubble Man did.  I saw students making bubbles with their hands and I saw such excitement. We really enjoyed it. The kids wanted to continue to play all day long. It was an amazing show absolutely wow wow! That's a thumbs up and I thank you so much. God bless you.

Emily Looman, Admin Intern at Frankfort-Schulyer Elementary School

Syracuse NY Light A Candle For Literacy Parade and Event 2022

"All of our students are in first grade and they all had a great time meeting all the bubble characters in Bubblopolis! and participating. They were really engaged and so quiet and interested in what you were doing. There were no misbehaviors it was amazing. They had never seen bubbles like that before! Oh my goodness the large bubbles it was pretty amazing and that they could hold one on their hand without it popping! We had 90 kids today I want to thank you for coming up from Bubblopolis!"  2022

"We had a very fun bubble program this afternoon with The Mega Bubble Playground. And we had about 100 children oh my gosh oh my gosh it's so we split them up into all different bubble groups. Some of them were making bubbles with their hands some of them are using the bubble wands after they've gotten some instruction on the best way and I saw some very good sharing today!

I saw mom's and dad's and grandma's and grandpa's getting right in there with their kids and grandkids. We had infants up to I think teenagers! Some of the grandparents brought lawn chairs with them people had blankets set up around the perimeter everybody was having a good time so it's like a bubble picnic yeah yeah. The bubble event kind of inspired a lot of people to go visit the library and register for library cards!"  Summer of 2022

Really well thought out routine specially for the scouts.

Teachers at Clark Wood Elementary School talk about their assembly and Mega Bubble Playground for 320 students!

I asked them, "Would you recommend this to other elementary schools?" "Oh 100%! The kids were so excited and felt like it was the best times of their lives! 

Mrs. Balfour and Mrs. Kastella

Bascol Teacher Review!

"Jim....You did an amazing job! I have heard so many positive comments. Sorry I never made it over to meet you.. it was a crazy busy day for me. Thanks for making it a great event. Mike"  [Mike Curley, Recreation Director City of Chili, NY


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"Today's ice cream social I have to give a huge shout out to Jim Livi of Mega Bubble Man Productions. He ...entertained the kids with a bubble show. He did such an amazing job of entertaining them. The kids were engaged and laughing the entire 45 minutes. I can't say enough about how great he was with the kids . If you are looking for entertainment for a kids party consider reaching out to him . We have already decided we would hire him in the future".  Kym Servello-Gardner Princess Party CNY Director

"Hello! Thank you so much for joining the City of Auburn for our annual Founder’s Day event this past Saturday! You were a huge hit! We’d love to have you back again next year! If you’re willing to book that far out, please let us know if you could pencil us in. Next year Founder’s Day falls on August 10th. Let me know! Thank you!"


~ Kim, Auburn Clerk/City Events Coordinator Department of Public Works and Recreation

Emily Greene • April 2022

"The Mega Bubble Man performance was the perfect entertainment for my daughter's second birthday. There was a wide range of ages at the party and all of them were mesmerized by the show for a full 45 minutes, they didn't want it to end! "


You were a huge hit, I witnessed people seeing you a block away and then started heading to you.


Denise Chaapel, BID Manager, Downtown Canandaigua, Business Improvement District

Mega Bubble Man Productions at the Fire & Ice Winter Festival 2024

"There were parents telling us they barely made it into the building last year [for the faire] because their kids were having so much fun playing with the bubbles. So, I think more bubble playground will work well. :) [this year] "

Pauline Shostack, Syracuse Maker Faire Coordinator

Heather E. R.

"I hired mbm for our church event and he was a big hit! The kids (and adults) all loved the show. He was fun and kind to the kids. The show was very interactive and fast moving. There were several, Wow! moments. I was surprised how much you can do with bubbles. This show is more interesting and fun than you might expect. Book him! "

Vineyard Church

Good afternoon,


Thank you so much for participating in the Autism Resource Fair!  We are so appreciative of your willingness, desire, and commitment to support the students and families of our SCSD community! Your presence added so much to the event and truly helped to create a warm and welcoming environment that fostered a true sense of belonging for our students with Autism and their families!


So many families expressed their sincere gratitude to be able to gain so much valuable information and insight into the resources that are available to them! Everyone absolutely LOVED your performance and the experience that you provided in interacting with the bubbles!! You truly helped to make this a wonderful and amazing event! It would not have been possible without your dedicated support!  It is always an honor for us to have the opportunity to serve and support our students and families.  As an added bonus, it is a sincere privilege that you were able to bring so much fun and joy to our families and staff as well!!

Angela Griffin, Administratiive Intern, Professional Development Center

We hired the mega bubble man for my daughter's 4th birthday. Everybody had an absolute blast, my daughter was over the moon with everything, I couldn't recommend hiring the mega bubble man anymore than I already do. The kids had so much fun I didn't expect it to go as well as it did, I knew it would be a fun time but we will not forget this birthday! My daughter is an all hands on deck kind of play kid, she literally dived right in to the fun, my daughter had the best time ever! He didn't even mind when she was literal swimming in bubbles she had such a great experience and so did all the other kids!