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Katy M. • November 1, 2021


Mega Bubble Man was amazing with kids of all ages & families. He did a great job of engaging everyone & making a fun experience all around. Everyone loved him! Bubbles were definitely a highlight at our event.

Rachel • September 9, 2021


Our special needs kids absolutely loved Jim's interactive show! He gave each child attention and kept them highly engaged throughout the show! Even the adults were fascinated! Jim and his wife are very passionate about what they do and we can't wait to have them back in our summer camp next year! Thank you!



We would hope that anybody would recommend the show at your school. We had the assembly first we got to do a bubble relay race the gymnasium.  After that we went outside to emulate what the Mega Bubble Man. I saw students making bubbles with their hands and I saw such excitement. We really enjoyed and the kids wanted to continue to play all day long. It was an amazing show absolutely wow wow that's a thumbs up am I thank you so much God bless you.

Emily Looman, Admin Intern at Frankfort-Schulyer Elementary School


Syracuse NY Light A Candle For Literacy Parade and Event 2022

All of our students are in first grade and they all had a great time meeting all the bubble characters in Bubblopolis! and participating. They were really engaged and so quiet and interested in what you were doing. There were no misbehaviors it was amazing. They had never seen bubbles like that before! Oh my goodness the large bubbles it was pretty amazing and that they could hold one on their hand without it popping! We had 90 kids today I want to thank you for coming up from Bubblopolis!  2022

We had a very fun bubble program this afternoon with The Mega Bubble Playground. And we had about 100 children oh my gosh oh my gosh it's so we split them up into all different bubble groups. Some of them were making bubbles with their hands some of them are using the bubble wands after they've gotten some instruction on the best way and I saw some very good sharing today!

I saw mom's and dad's and grandma's and grandpa's getting right in there with their kids and grandkids. We had infants up to I think teenagers! Some of the grandparents brought lawn chairs with them people had blankets set up around the perimeter everybody was having a good time so it's like a bubble picnic yeah yeah. The bubble event kind of inspired a lot of people to go visit the library and register for library cards!  Summer of 2022

Really well thought out routine specially for the scouts.

Teachers at Clark Wood Elementary School talk about their assembly and Mega Bubble Playground for 320 students!

I asked them, "Would you recommend this to other elementary schools?" "Oh 100%! The kids were so excited and felt like it was the best times of their lives!


Mrs. Balfour and Mrs. Kastella

Bascol Teacher Review!

"Jim....You did an amazing job! I have heard so many positive comments. Sorry I never made it over to meet you.. it was a crazy busy day for me. Thanks for making it a great event. Mike"  [Mike Curley, Recreation Director City of Chili, NY


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