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Park and Recreation Entertainment

Birthday Indoor Entertainment

The Bubbles Are Amazing!

Birthday Garage Entertainment

10 Year Old's Review!

Cub Scout Blue and Gold

Outdoor Library Kickoff Program

Church Program

German Christmas Entertainment

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School Assembly & Outdoor Mega Bubble Playground

Catholic Bubbles?

A Great Day in Daycare!

School Assembly & Indoor Mega Bubble Playground

Mega Bubble Man Productions has many really happy customer video reviews taken over the years! Check out each one or the ones that relate to your type of event.

PreK Bubbles in the Classroom!

Bubbles & Disabled Students

Daycare Entertainment for Three Age Groups

Daycare Entertainment

Teenagers in the Park!

High School Graduation Party!

Library Reading Program

Outdoor Library Show plus the Mega Bubble Playground

Corning Program

How Do Bubbles Make You Feel? Outdoor Hospital Event

Park and Recreation Mental Health Day

Cub Scouts

VBS  Program

Halloween Entertainment

Bubbles & Deaf Students

Campers' Bubbles!

Bascol Teacher's review for Summer Programs

Adult Nursing Home Intergenerational Entertainment

Adult Programs

VIP Structures Corporate Entertainment

Prudent Engineering Summer Corporate Picnic

SU College

RIT Mental Health Day

ESF Syracuse College Students

LeMoyne Mental Health Day

Redhouse Theater

Redhouse Theater

Police Program at Elementary School with Officer Marlena Jackson

School Assembly & Indoor Mega Bubble Playground

Outdoor Library Kickoff Program