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Thanks for visiting Mega Bubble Man's website. I'm Jim, the Mega Bubble Man, and I'm so glad that you're interested in God and His Son Jesus Christ and Their best friend the Holy Spirit! I asked Jesus into my life a long time ago and He's been teaching me wonderful things ever since.

Have you ever felt like you've done something wrong? Sure. When you disobey your parents. They love you and want your life to be great! But when you don't follow their rules, that hurts them and they get upset. God wants all children to obey their moms and dads.

Maybe today you need to say, "I'm sorry" to your mom or dad. They like it when you say you've made a mistake and ask for forgivenenss. God, in heaven, is like that too. He created you so you could have a wonderful life here on earth. He has a great life all prepared just for you.

You need to ask God what He's placed inside of you that will be fun and very helpful to others. Maybe you're good at playing ball, art, math or legos. He wants you to enjoy it all and share your joy.

God also wants you to invite Him into your fun day. By faith, you can say, "Jesus, thank You for making these toys. I think they're great. Help me to share them with my brother and sister and friends. I want You to be happy too."

Sometimes, though, you make a mistake and do something to bother your brother, sister or friend. You might hit them or call them a bad name. That hurts their feelings. God wants to help you say you're sorry. And then you can play again having fun.

As you grow, you might make many mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes are sin. God understands, but He wants to help you so that it doesn't happen a lot. You'll need His help to live a good life. He wants to live inside of you so you can feel and know His love. He will help you love others too. He'll even help you to apologize. Jesus is real good at forgiving us and He wants to forgive you when you sin, no matter how many times it happens.

If you want Jesus to live in your heart, then you have to ask Him. All you need to do is to pray to Him. He'll hear what you're saying. By faith, ask Him to forgive you of your sins. Tell Him you're sorry for hurting others or stealling something or whatever you know you did wrong. Then ask Him to live inside you.

That's where your New Life will begin. God says that you become a new Creation in Jesus Christ. It's so awesome!

Now you'll need to read about Him. Do you have a bible? Maybe your mom and dad have one. Ask them to read stories to you from there. You'll be amazed at what Jesus did when He was living on the earth. Right now we can't see Him, but He lives invisible in some people. Anyone who prayed for His forgiveness and His life to be in them are called Christians. Jesus has given them a new life. By faith, they believe in His everyday help and they help others now to know about Him. Jesus really likes that because He loves everyone.

Tell someone today that you talked to Jesus and asked Him to be in your life. Talk to Jesus everyday, not just at bedtime, all through your day. Thank Him for all the cool things you see in nature, His Creation. Pray for those you are around so that they will learn about Jesus too.

If you want to learn more about living for Jesus do three things:  keep listening to Mega Bubble Man's podcasts, read the Bible and  ask your mom and dad to take you to church. You'll meet other children who know Jesus. That's called fellowship.

Each time you read the Bible, first ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding. The Holy Spirit is the best teacher. Learn how to hear His voice inside you when you ask a question.

One other thing... it's important too. Jesus has enemies. The Bible calls them demons. They belong to Satan. Jesus created him, but he rebelled and fell out of heaven. He goes around telling people that Jesus doesn't exist. He says bad things about Jesus that aren't true. He wants to make you think that Jesus doesn't live inside you. But He does if You asked Him to. The Bible says to resist him... that means tell him to leave you alone. As a Christian, you have the power, in Jesus' name, to bind him in prayer. That makes him really mad, so he might try to bother you again and again. As you grow in your faith in Jesus, you'll learn how to beat up the demons and follow God with great joy!!

That's enough of that stuff. Just know that God really loves you and is always willing to help you. Thank Him all the time! Read this scripture and memorize it:

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But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name. John 1:12