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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Bubblopolis and Mega Bubble Man Productions


Jim Livi, owner and founder of Mega Bubble Man Productions, has been a bubble artist since 1994 when it all started viewing his first bubble show performed in Utica, NY. Jim was inspired to research bubblology from that day and began his own performance, "Welcome to Bubblopolis!" at the Children’s Museum in Utica NY for the 'Music for Munchskins' slot. Hah! It was a hit and bubble shows galore happened all over Utica, NY and neighboring towns and then along the East Coast and into Canada! It’s been an amazing time for Jim and Deb Livi bringing mega bubbles to children and their families. Mega Bubble Man Productions offers presentations for town events, special occasions, school assemblies [science and reading motivational programs], birthday parties, a gospel show and even just on his front lawn! Jim and Deb are looking to travel overseas at some point and bring bubbles to kiddos who’ve never seen a bubble!

Looking to add some extra wow factor to your event? Look no further than Mega Bubble Man Productions, the ultimate solution for all things bubbly and magical in NY and further. Specializing in the art of bubbles, our talented team offers a unique and captivating experience like no other guaranteed to leave your guests enthralled and entertained.

Want to experience something truly extraordinary? Imagine a world filled with smoke-filled bubbles, meticulously crafted by our talented Bubble Artists. These ethereal orbs of joy will amaze your friends and family as they float through the air, creating an enchanting atmosphere. And that's not all - our bubbles can even glow, adding an extra touch of magic to your event! They even have the ability to encapsulate a couple inside a bubble! Prepare to be amazed as they effortlessly create and shape bubbles in front of your eyes, leaving your guests in awe.

Our Bubble Artists not only perform on stage but also make it a point to interact with every table and engage the entire audience. With their charming personalities and captivating bubble skills, they are experts at keeping everyone entertained and involved throughout the event.

With an extensive client base across New York, the east coast, and even Canada, Mega Bubble Man Productions has established a reputation for excellence and professionalism. We understand the importance of seamless event planning, which is why we offer the convenience of free multiple proposals sent right to your email. Additionally, our flexible payment options ensure a stress-free booking process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - creating unforgettable memories with your guests.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Mega Bubble Man Productions today to bring the enchantment of bubbles and magic to your next event. Get ready for an evening of laughter, wonder, and memories that will be talked about long after the bubbles have popped.

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