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Happy Mega Bubble Customer!
Just getting started!
Introducing Big Boy Barholomew!
Bday Party Childrens Gospel Outreach
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Bubble Head!
Enjoying every moment
A High Four for the Four year old!
Inside Frederick Von Fruggle the Mega Bubble!

Mega Bubble Man sets up your living room, finished basement or large garage for the greatest bubble party ever! You can also have the outdoor birthday celebration called The Mega Bubble Playground!

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We hired the mega bubble man for my daughter's 4th birthday. Everybody had an absolute blast, my daughter was over the moon with everything, I couldn't recommend hiring the mega bubble man anymore than I already do. The kids had so much fun I didn't expect it to go as well as it did, I knew it would be a fun time but we will not forget this birthday! My daughter is an all hands on deck kind of play kid, she literally dived right in to the fun, my daughter had the best time ever! He didn't even mind when she was literal swimming in bubbles she had such a great experience and so did all the other kids!

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