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Mega Bubble Man takes the children into the wonderful world of Bubblopolis! where they meet the Mayor of Bubblopolis! Mr. R.O.Y. G. B.I.V.  Mega Bubble Man engages all the children in their imagination as travel through the World of Bubblopolis! Mega Bubble Man presents different custom made bubble wands of different sizes and colors. And each wand represents a character in the land of Bubblopolis! So the Mayor of Bubblopolis is a small bubble wand and "he" invites the students to downtown Bubblopolis to meet all his citizens. There is Big Brother Bubble, Little Sister Bubble, Baker Bob Bubble, Big Boy Bartholomew and sometimes even Frederick Von Fruggle, the Mega Bubble! Watch as the bubbles get bigger and bigger and bigger!! up to a 15' diameter bubble, right on your stage! What???? You got it! Jim Livi, the Mega Bubble Man, sets up your site with an absorbent mat to keep everything nice and neat. He knows what he's doing... since 1994 with tons of happy children and parents! View the Customer Videos to hear what they have to say!

Mega Bubble Man invites children and their parents up to participate in the longest bubble contest and tons more! That's right. Up to 50 kids get to either make a bubble, stretch a bubble, get a little wet with a bubble pop and even experience standing inside a huge mega bubble! Totally awesome!!!  Mega Bubble Man has great fun with each child and is very patient to find out what they delight in. Many parents have complimented him on his wonderful patience... with the timid and the super energetic! Come and visit Bubblopolis!

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