Wedding Bubbles!  

Mega Bubble Man Productions provides tons of bubbles for  the wedding party! Lots of mini bubbles at the ceremony exit and the couple gets "bubblized" in a big bubble!

Welcome to Bubblopolis!

for Schools & Daycares

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Mega Bubble Man Productions provides entertainment and educational shows for schools, businesses, libraries, daycares, hospitals, cub and girl scouts, town events, parades, churches and families.

Teachers and parents, tell your kids about the Bubblopolis Bubble Book Library!

The "bubble clear" gospel of Jesus Christ is portrayed in such a way that children and adults have responded favorably to receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives. The joyous and creative interaction with the audience breaks many barriers. In fact, God has enabled this presentation to transcend denominations! It seems that God has graced people of all ages and backgrounds with the ability to embrace bubbles and then hear about their Creator.

A Birthday in Bubblopolis! for Children

Reading is Bubblicious! for Schools & Libraries

Mega Bubble Playground for Towns, Schools & Parties

Science is Bubblicious! for Schools & Parties

Mega Bubble Man has another option called

Bubbles of all sizes are created to float throughout your event. Watch a 20 foot bubble stretch into the sky!

Mega Bubble Man - North Syracuse Bubble Performer for hire at Entertainers Worldwide