Mega Bubble Man loves to write stories and so can you!

If you want, read some of his stories by clicking here or on the stack of Books below.

Send a message to Mega Bubble Man.. ask questions about his tallest bubble... about how Bubblopolis got started or anything you want... within reason! LOL

If you have a wonderful story or poem that you've written, you can send it the Mega Bubble Man and he'll send you a free Mega Bubble Wand!

You'll need to have it typed on a computer or iPad, tablet or smart phone.

Once you have it saved, give it a title like, "The Day I Helped My Dog!" then ask your mom or dad to "upload" it  below.

Once the Mega Bubble Man receives your story or poem, he will read it and follow-up with you before it is published in the Bubblopolis Bubble Book Library!

When you have your story or two poems published, Mega Bubble Man will send you a free Mega Bubble Wand! plus shipping & handling

If you need help to write your story, ask your mom and dad or go to How to Write A Story.

If the Mega Bubble Man doesn't reply back, that is only because you entered your email address incorrectly. This happens sometimes... ooops!

(Stories and poems can be about happy things or bad times) Fiction or Non-fiction

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