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May God give you great joy today!


On this Scientist page, Mega Bubble Man invites you and your family to try out various experiments, learn about bubble science, colors, geometry, physics and more.  Since you're here... I imagine you've tried to make your own bubble formula.  Ahhh... the ole bubble mix. Well, there are many different formulas, some for small bubbles and some for mega bubbles.  I use a custom mix for my mega bubbles. Click here for that mix.

A long time ago I tried to perform small bubble tricks and found I wasn't very good at it. I didn't have a good bubble solution nor a steady hand. These tricks require both... as do large bubble tricks. I use a mixture of guar gum and J-Lube for the mega bubbles.  For the really big bubbles, guar gum is a favorite worldwide!  It helps make the bubbles stretch and stretch without popping!! I love it!

I'm working on making some larger bubble "wands"  to show off the really big ones. On Facebook, I have many bubble artist friends that are super talented at making the big boys. See

Hear an interview with Aramis!

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Did you know that each color in a bubble represents the thickness of the bubble? See more here!

Learn about very, very old bubbles...

Did you read that? In the very, very, very old En-Gedi Scroll are "Bubbles" !

Winter Bubble Science and Fun!

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Ask the Mega      Bubble Man any question by clicking here

Ask the Mega      Bubble Man any question by clicking here

Ask the Mega      Bubble Man any question by clicking here

Louis Pearl playing with bubbles...

Me playing with 2020.

Thomas Altman is an amazing bubble artist and scientist. He loves experimenting with bubbles. Check out his FB page.

     Ask the Mega      Bubble Man any question by clicking here

'Extremely Rare' Four-Rainbow Sighting Mesmerizes the Internet

Dec 13, 2023 at 1:58 PM EST

By Soo Kim

SEO Reporter


An astonishing view of four rainbows has been spotted in the Langdales region of England's Lake District, a U.K. national park.

The rare sighting was captured in early November by Nigel Danson, a 52-year-old professional landscape photographer based in the county of Cheshire in Northwest England.

The photographer shared a viral video of the sighting in a November 7 post from his Instagram account @nigel.danson. He told Newsweek: "It is actually two double rainbows. The second set of rainbows is caused by a reflection off Lake Windermere and is an extremely rare phenomenon."

The rainbows lasted around 45 seconds, "as the rain was passing through quickly," he said.

"I have seen many double rainbows...but [it was my] first time seeing four rainbows," Danson added.

Read the rest of the article and click here...

     Ask the Mega      Bubble Man any question by clicking here

Ask the Mega      Bubble Man any question by clicking here

Teaching science and making it fun since 1981

Thomas Altman is a friend of mine! We both live in New York State. Thomas is an amazing scientist and lover of bubbles. Inventor, Christian, fun guy all describe him. Check out his website!