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Blake blows bubbles with his small bubble wand. He blows dozens of sudsy spheres. He giggles and plays. “Pop, pop, pop” the bubbles pop after a minute or two. “I want big bubbles that last a long time” he thinks to himself. He wonders what to do. “I’ll make my own bubble machine that makes the best, biggest bubbles in the whole entire world”! He starts making his plan.

He runs into his basement and gathers his tools. He grabs a screwdriver and some screws, a hammer and nails, and a wrench and a level. “This is going to be the best bubble machine” he exclaims. He grabs a piece of paper and starts to draw out his blueprints. He sketches a long rectangle with many gadgets and systems attached to it. He labels his machine “The Bubble Blaster Master”.

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Featured Story by Bella D.

Blake Builds Bubbles

He runs around his house and gathers cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls. He gets some tape and glue too. He gets to work and glues all the pieces together. But his creation is not what he wanted. This job was harder than he thought. In front of him was just a pile of cardboard, not “The Bubble Blaster Master”. “This is too hard for me to do all by myself” he said sadly. He took the pieces apart and called down his brother to help him.

“Hunter” Blake called to his brother. Hunter came to help Blake. Blake showed his brother his blueprint and materials. Hunter helped Blake. They glued cardboard pieces together and even used old water bottles and plastic to build the bubble machine. They used an old soda can to hold the bubble solution and they put a fan inside to blow the bubbles.

The project took Blake and Hunter a whole day to build. Blake decorated the outside of the “Bubble Blaster Master”, and it looked fantastic. “Yay, we did it!” Blake was very happy. He gave Hunter a big high-five and they admired their work. Now it was time to go outside and test their machine. Hunter brought out the bubble machine and switched on the fan which was also the power button for their bubble machine. The fan started to blow, but no bubbles came out of there bubble machine. “Oh no” Blake yelled.

Hunter examined the “Bubble Blaster Master” and realized that they forgot to put the bubble solution inside. They both laughed at their forgetfulness. Hunter loaded up the machine with bubble solution and switched the machine back on. The fan started to purr, and bubbles were shooting out of the built-in bubble wands. The “Bubble Blaster Master” was blowing huge bubbles. Hunter and Blake danced around in the bubbles to celebrate their success.

They set up their bubble machine to blow onto their trampoline. They jumped and danced through hundreds of bubbles. Blake was so excited and happy that his plan worked. Hunter hooked up his phone to his speaker and played music, they flipped and twirled on the trampoline. “Yay!” Blake shouted as he jumped high into the air. They invited some of the kids in their neighborhood and had a ‘Bubble Blaster Master” party. His friends Gabby, Dylan, Derek, James, Katie, and even his baby sister Olivia was there. They waved glowsticks and sang along to their favorite songs. That was a bubblemazing day.

The End

by Bella D.

Bella D. has won her own Mega Bubble Wand because she sent in a story!

Bella, please contact Mega Bubble Man at

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