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Hello Boy and Girls!

This is the Mega Bubble Man.

Today’s story is The Secret.

“Please tell me the secret,” Don begged Gary during recess.

“”What makes them jump?

Gary was holding several Mexican jumping beans in his hand.

At first they were still, then one moved.

“It’s my secret, “ Gary said. “I’m not telling anyone.”

“Ma,” said Don, when he got home.

“Gary had some Mexican jumping beans at school but he wouldn’t tell me what makes them move. And he says its a secret.”

Mom said, “It’s not a secret. Mexican jumping beans are a three cell bean pod that house moths. The jumping is caused by the moth larvae moving inside.”

“That was driving me crazy all day,” said Don. “But it shouldn’t have been a secret at all, I wish I had a secret to keep from him. Then he’d know how it feels.”

“I think you’re already keeping something from him,” replied his mom. “

Just like something in that bean pod made it jump. There something in you that makes you choose the things you do. But you haven’t told Gary what that is have you?”

Don looked surprised . He didn’t think he had any secrets.

“When you refused to make fun of the new boy at school. What was the reason you gave Gary?”

“I told him, I didn’t feel like it, “ said Don.

“And when you collected the can goods for the needy. What reason did you give Gary?” Asked Mom.

“Well, I said, I just felt like it.”

“And when we said a prayer for daddy to get well and he had a quick recovery. What did you tell Gary about that?”

Don shrugged, “Nothing,” he said.

“Then I would say that you’re keeping a secret from Gary,” mom told him. “And it’s far more important to him to know your secret than it was for you to know his.”

Don looked puzzled.

So mom explained,” It isn’t supposed to be a secret that God cares for you and His love is in your heart. And it urges you to do things that you do,” she said, “You know Gary’s secret. Now go and tell him yours.”

What about you Boys and Girls, are you keeping a secret that God cares for you?

Mega Bubble Man Podcasts is a fun outreach of Mega Bubble Man Productions. Thank you for listening!

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