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May God give you great joy today!

A strong believer in faith and the wonders of bubbles, a 30-year performer hopes to spread joy through soap and laughter.

Bubble magic is a type of art that only exists for a few seconds but has the potential to bring a smile to anyone's face.

Jim Livi aka “the Mega Bubble Man” believes bubbles can bring joy to anyone regardless of age, race, gender, religious beliefs, or moral preferences. The simple art of creating a delicate bubble will always bring a smile to anyones face.

Jim Livi has been perfecting his formula since his intial interest in the bubble art. Through trial and error he developed a bubble recipe that creates self healing bubbles with longer longevity.

Known as the “Mega Bubble Man,” Jim prepares a new batch of bubble solution in his home kitchen. Everything within the formula can be found at a local grocery store.

Every wand created has it’s own story and unique personality. Within the Mega Bubble Man’s performances he has created several characters such as the Mayor of Bubblopolis or Big Brother wand or Little Sister wand and even Big Boy Bartholomew which can create 30 foot bubbles with a 2 foot diameter.

Being an artist within a unique field of expertise Jim utilizes every tool avaliable to maximize the effects of his bubbles. Every performance is structured as a story to teach the audience a lesson on love, friendship, and generally being a good individual.

A highlight of his performances is audience engagement. Every show there are opportunities to try out a coordinated manuever with the Mega Bubble Man.

Jim is always pushing the limits with his bubble art, exploring new techniques and methods to make his performances the best they can be.

Jim gives great thanks to Mr Ryan Breedan, Military Photographer, SU Student of NewHouse for creating this story and capturing all the awesome photos.  A follow story is in the works with SU Military Student Sophia Simons in 2024. The goal is to create a video font library of all the letters of the alphabet using Jim's mega bubble wands! Below is the capital letter "R".

Notice this blown up section of the photo above. What do you see? Let us know by clicking here.

Note: In 2023, Jim hired on a bubble assistant, 19 year old Mr. Andrew Lohm. Together, they performed 130 shows.