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May God give you great joy today!

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Mega Bubble Man Productions agrees with the STATEMENT OF FAITH OF ONE QUEST INT’L, an outreach of Kat Kerr

I believe in and know that EL, I AM, is the one true God.  He is the Creator of all things and holds the air we breathe in His hand!  I believe and know that He has always existed and always will.  He did not just appear somewhere in eternity; eternity exists in Him.

I believe and know that this living God (who is a member of the Trinity) ‘spoke’ and the Word, who was with Him, created mankind in the Garden of Eden, which in the beginning was perfect and without sin. Then he (satan) who birthed iniquity, tempted Adam & Eve and by their choice to believe the enemy and through disobedience, lost their relationship with God and gave away their dominion.

I believe and know that God made a way back to Himself through the offering of His only Son,  Jesus, (who was the Word made flesh) born through immaculate conception and then crucified on the cross at Calvary to pay the price to free us from sin.  By acceptance of this blood sacrifice, man is counted as righteous, his dominion restored and is given eternal life.

I believe and know that we, as Believers, are made in their (the Trinity) image and after their likeness and have been given dominion and authority over the whole earth.  Also, that we have power over ALL the power of the enemy (satan).

I believe and know that as Believers, we have access to and can invite, the third member of the Trinity, Holy Spirit to ‘in-dwell’ and ‘fill us’ with a layer of His being (which is a whole of Him) and then we become the temple of the Holy Spirit!  One of the outward signs (evidence) of this is speaking in unknown tongues, which is not understood by our natural minds, nor is it understood by the enemy!  It is also a way to build up oneself in your most holy faith!

I believe and know that the Holy Bible is the Word of God, inspired and ordered by Him.  It brings life, edification, correction and knowledge of the One who made us and His house called Heaven.  It is an instruction book on how to stay free from sin, create a habitation for Heaven in our homes and live a victorious life so that our souls may prosper and bring Glory to God.

I believe and know of  and have been shown the powerful days of Greater Glory that are about to rock and stun this world with the passion, power and purposes of God!  For a long season on this earth, we will Manifest as the Sons and Daughters of the Most High God and help erase the ‘lie’ that says there is no God!  This is the time the Father calls the Kingdom Age!  Darkness will be pushed back and there shall be Regions of Light established where crime and evil will flee as we lay down our lives, die to self and allow God to direct our paths.  God is about to pour out His Spirit (with Baptism in Fire) and touch all flesh (without their permission)!  The Kingdom of God will be clearly seen by this world through the Body of Christ allowing His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  These things will take place before the perilous times and before the Tribulation.  Wake up, unpack your suitcase and get ready to run your race with the Host of Heaven!!

Declared by Kat Kerr, President of One Quest Int’l