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May God give you great joy today!

2021 has more left and 2022 has even more to deliver.

A prediction for the world's economy:

Nesara/Gesara will be enforced

Every country will have money backed by gold

All currencies will be changed

All currency will be distributed throughout the world, all worth the same

All countries will be on the same level financially due to utilizing the same ratio of 1:1 currency

The Fiat/SWIFT money system will be abolished

Corruption in finances will be cut down 99% worldwide

Corrupt leaders will be arrested worldwide

Many wars will stop

[Many global leaders have already stepped down]

New leaders will arise that will enforce justice

The United States may be renamed

Banking as we know it, will be abolished

Inflation and debt will be removed

Spirit and Health prediction:

People will be celebrating!

Spirituality will regain its foundation globally. God will be recognized as #1

Suppressed inventions will come to the forefront and help people globally

Unknown people will rise up as God leaders

Billions of people will return to God

Cities of light and dark will emerge

Peace will be reality

Arts & Media prediction:

All news dissemination will transition

Hollywood's mission shifts to God's mission

Education prediction:

School leaders step down. Replaced with new comers

Curricullum is radically modified towards family

Safety prediction:

Police are funded, but not as necessary

The world will be a happier place.

A Few Predictions for 2021-22