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May God give you great joy today!

No fear is present even as he anticipates the worst. The enemy may bend his bow, but he does not bow. He sees as a seer sees; through God’s vision who watches attentively and vigilantly all events on the earth. As God searches a matter, the skilled man gains His information for proper implementation. He has the concentration of Yahweh; as he uses divine eyelids squinting to make out a scene more clearly. Skilled in receiving revelation he bears messages of hope and direction to any situation. He is not clueless. He shall be designated to take on specific influential tasks apparently viewed as impossible to most men. Once you see him you will not forget him for he will be seen again on this planet before the high and mighty in the land.

Before Kings


Obscure People?

As Jesus, the Nazarene, once stood before His carpenter’s shop, the skilled man now stands resolutely before the King of Kings offering himself to the ultimate Craftsman; remaining fully planted for every opposition or challenge.

Fulfilling the task of facing down the moral darkness conjuring influences of disobedience and ignorance, the skill of withstanding, defiance and never appeasing the enemy is his charge for which he is capable of. He will not drink the cup of culpable evil [the dark Hashak]. No, he seeks justice and is prompting righteousness as in the tent of King David.

His skills quicken any test, trial or terror for he bears the answers of recovery and solution in his heart. The rapid understanding places him above the bove; those who believe they are the highest in power. There is no unnecessary delays or inprompt reaction. He is poised to produce for God’s glory as he recognizes Him constantly.

Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before obscure men. Proverbs 22:29

For him, this is simply his occupation. He is a craftsman of knowledge, wit and performance. As he purposes in his mind his service to mankind and God there are divine supplies issued in supernatural manners; whether monies, new persuasions of attitudes and decisions, weather change, additional wisdom, greater teamwork or health. As needed, angels are dispatched, ambassadors engaged and envoys are sent to assist in completion of any assignment God intends for him. The skilled man believes confidently in his Source residing in the heavenlies; always drawing down the necessities for each project unveiled. Formerly a man of no faith, but stirred in the heart to great things, he came before God to respect, admire and personally give his life over to Him.He turned over stubbornness to honor the Almighty One. He now gazes at Him daily with humiliation; opposite of his arrogance in days of youth. His former times are now but dust vanishing in the dissolving divine light. He intended to be great and full of wealth and HIs creator has answered his heart’s desire, but through the new creation of his soul and spirit. This is a miracle of the universe to be transformed in one’s soul; the greatest miracle brought on by the Almighty’s Son Jesus the Christ.

Do you properly perceive beyond what is merely physical, the outward appearance of the skilled man? Use your sanctified imagination to truly see the true realities of his capabilities. So use your intelligence to see his intelligence. He has an inner vision of life and how it is to manifest in God’s eyes. He has the mental capacity of God. There is a brilliance with no faint heartedness in any corner of his mind.