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Even though my wife and I do not have kids of our own, we love children. Mega Bubble Man Productions is one of our outlets to bring joy to them and we have a riot!!

Jim, aka, Mega Bubble Man, has been creating mega bubbles since 1992 after seeing a Bubbleman present his bubble show in Utica, NY. 

The very first show was at the Children’s Museum in downtown Utica for a group of 2 year olds! It was a great start since it was an opportunity to try out the bubbles and choreography before children who wouldn’t know if he made a mistake. LOL.

Over the years I’ve been trying out different mega bubble formulas. The best came from a . This website is a group of bubble people who have been creating formulas, improving them over the years. My formula has a main ingredient of Guar Gum.

If you want to view my current formula, you can click here.

Experimenting with bubbles has been a great delight. I can remember when I first started. I was in my kitchen trying some out and accidentally knocked over a 5 gallon bucket of solution! Needless to say… it ended up being the most clean and best smelling room in our apartment. 

Making mega bubble wands is yet another great delight. Some Bubble People purchase their wands online. I’ve custom made them from various parts in the hardware store and fabric store. I have a standard set for the mega bubble show made up one 8”, two 10”, one 15” and one 24” sizes. At one time I also used a 3’ wand. They are wound with different colored laces that absorb the bubble solution in a wonderful way. Typically, one dip of a wand in a “bubble bucket” creates 100 bubbles! So cool.  One thing I haven’t explained is the imagination behind the mega bubble show. “Welcome To Bubblopolis!” is the show name. It’s based on the imaginary world of Bubblopolis! Each one of the wands has a character name from that land. First, the Mayor of Bubblopolis!, Mr. ROY G BIV (named after the colors of the rainbow, of course). Next are the bubblop citizens colored in pink and another in blue. Next in size is “Big Brother” Bubble. Lastly is “Big Boy Bartholomew”. Currently, he is the largest of the group. He is multi-colored and makes huge bubbles up to 10’ in diameter!

Then there is the enlarged “family” of bubble wands for the Mega Bubble Arena. What is that, you say? The Land of Bubblopolis! is for Everyone, so there has to be a lot of wands for everyone to play! There are about 16 10” wands each laced in different colors. For outdoor fun I set up 4 to 5 mega bubble pools (kiddy pools) filled with special formulated bubble solution. That’s about 20 to 25 gallons of bubbles for the mega bubble arena!  Just imagine a group of kids each wanting to create their own mega bubbles. So I provide 4 wands per pool (four kids per pool.) When I say “create”, what I mean is Stretch! Yes, stretch their bubbles so they become Mega Bubbles. Kids have stretched bubbles up to 20’ in length and even further! This is the coolest!  Not only kids, but their parents too are making their beautiful bubbles. 

During the premier show, “Welcome To Bubblopolis!” I have a grand time. I look forward to each show because they’re all different due to the participation of my audiences. I couldn’t do the show without the kids. It’s a must. Looking back, I’ve counted up to 50 children are involved in the fast action. Whether they come up front into the presentation area or are within my reach from the stage. I love stretching bubbles from the stage to the way back! The bubble “tube” is incredible as it makes its way through the audience. Everytime I do this I’m wondering who I can “bubblize”!  Up-roars all over the room cry for a “bubble head”. A “bubble head”? Just visualize a big bubble embracing a child’s head.

The bubble show is so fast, except for when I call children up and do a fun interview one on one. They are always such a delight. Anywhere I perform, the kids are so excited to …. I guess be near the Mega Bubble Man, or just be picked. It’s fun for the both of us. Before each show I pray and think about the different segments. It might be just one boy or girl or a whole group. Each child is wondering what is next! I love having each one involved. At the end I want them all to have some kind of experience of joy and so I ask them to line up to be “bubblized!”  Big Boy Bartholomew is at his best at this point where “he” stretches way up and then over them.

I will share more about the mega bubble show in another blog. I just wanted to get this started and wet your appetite. Feel free to peruse the website and take everything in.

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