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Hi Boys and Girls.

This is the Mega Bubble Man.

Today’s story is “Who’s Address?”

or Who Address?

“Dad, Michael said something today that didn’t make any sense.”

Dad was holding a newspaper in front of him and slapped it down on his lap.

“What are you talking about Sean?”

“Dad, Michael said that God lives at their house. What does that mean?” He said as he stared at his dad.

“Well, that’s a good question. First of all, I’m not really sure what Michael meant. It does sound kinda strange. I can’t say that I’ve heard my friends ever telling me that. Why would your friend tell you such a thing?” Dad said, now staring at Sean with great curiosity.

Hmmm. Now Sean was on the spot. He thought he could just get a simple answer from his dad.

“Dad, I don’t know. He talks about God in school sometimes during lunch. But today he said that God’s been living at his house ever since he could remember. What does he mean?”

“Ok. Maybe that makes a bit more sense now. Does Michael go to church?”

Dad replied.

“I guess so. I mean he talks about some fun things they do there.”

But dad sat straight up and cleared his throat. “Well Sean, your friend seems to be hearing about God for quite some time now. And since that’s the case, I’m not surprised at what he said to you.”

Sean, perplexed now.

“When a boy grows up going to church he hears a lot about God. If his parents talk about what they’ve learned in church, then that boy will think about God  a lot too. It will be real natural for him. Kinda like God living in his house!”

Sean smiled and thought some more as he listened to his dad explain more.

“Hmmm.” Then Sean said, “Maybe if God lives at Michael’s house, then his address would be in the phone book.”

Now everyone in the living room had a grin on their face!

Mother said, “Well, let’s take a look!” Mother pulled the phone book out of the cabinet and placed it on the table for all to see as she flipped through the pages.

“Hmmm. Well. Here we are!” She said.

Sean jumped to the side of the table where mom was standing and grabbed the book from her.

“Hmmm.” Mom was smiling and dad was real curious as he was looking over her shoulder now.

Sean yelled, “Mom! That’s our address.”

“I know Sean. Our family is like Michael’s family. Since God lives in us God lives in our home. And this is His address too. What do you think of that? “

Sean took a moment. “OK. God can live here. Now I can my friend at school that God stays here too! I can’t wait to see his face,” Sean said with a huge smile from ear to ear.

Mom was happy and dad was laughing.

“Hopefully anyone who comes into our house not only feels welcome but can recognize that God is up to something good here, “ Mom said.

How ‘bout you Boys and Girls? Do you think God lives in your house?

Is His address in your phone book? Since God is spirit, He can live anywhere. Why not your home? Do you want that?

If you want Him to not only live in your home but in your heart, go to this page to find out more. It’s called FIRST!

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